We perform high-quality Bed Bug Control Services to any site. Owing to long-lasting disinfectant pesticides, this service is highly acknowledged in the market by our patrons. Our diligent professionals follow the environmental standards and ensure that this service does not contain any harmful chemicals. Bed bugs are hidden in the mattress, furniture and cracks & crevice in the wall. We are offering treatment for bed bugs removal involves steaming, vacuum cleaning and chemical treatment for controlling the bed bug infestation at various places.

Damages by Bed Bug

  • One Bed Bug can suck blood more than 6 times their body weight, in about 3-10 minutes.
  • Adult Bed Bug can live upto 10 months.
  • Adult Bed Bug can survive 80-140 days without food or water.
  • Adult stage bed bugs in comparison to young ones can survive for longer periods without food.
  • Bed Bug cannot walk on polished glass and other surfaces, and neither can they fly.
  • Bed Bug bring with them mold that has a very pungent smell that is very obviously detected.
  • Mattresses, pillows and quilts will have light spots of blood on them. This is an indication of Bed Bug.
  • Black spots of their excreted blood are also visible while bed bug walks.
  • Adults, nymphs and eggsof bed bugs are as big as grains of rice are visible.

Preventive steps for Bed Bug

  • Don’t throw away your mattress or furniture having problem of bed bug; this will not solve the problem.
  • Moving rooms also doesn’t help. Bed bug will keep on your trail and wont stop following you. As long as you carry things with you. Once you get your house treated for bed bugs then you shouldn’t move for 2 months otherwise you will carry the bed bug problem along with you.
  • Do not move decorative elements from one room to another. If you move your bedding or pillows to a different area then you are probably spreading the infestation. If your child cannot sleep without a stuffed toy then you should keep it within a warm drawer for 20 minutes.
  • Do not try to perform a Bed Bug treatment on your own. This attempt will most probably be unsuccessful and will probably unknowingly drive the Bed Bug deeper into their hiding places and make it much more difficult . This should only be attempted by a trained professional.
  • Try and reduce places where they can hide to a minimum and get rid of as much garbage and trash as you can. When a house has a lot of trash in it then it gives bed bugs easy hiding places; this makes finding them and treating the situation very difficult.
  • Cleaning, washing, heat-drying and maintenance of your mattresses, pillows, beddings and carpets that touch the floor is necessary at regular intervals. Doing so will reduce the bed bug population in your home considerably. Bed bugs can hide their eggs in laundry baskets and tanks, therefore they should be inspected and cleaned before you begin doing your laundry.
  • One effective way of Bed Bug control is that they can be killed with high temperatures, but it is important to be careful. Increasing the temperature of rooms will not solve any purpose; special tools and equipment are required to change the temperature to the required level. Things with Bed Bug infestations should be put in black plastic bags and kept in direct sunlight (at a temperature of around 110 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 3 hours for the most effective results.
  • Do not let the Bed Bug spread, this is a gift that no one will appreciate and they are hitchhikers that do not leave. If you throw away objects with bed bugs in them without destroying said objects they will spread to other places and then there will be new victims to the unwelcome urges of the bed bugs.
  • Try and lower the numbers of the bed bug army flanking your home to minimize the risk of bites. If you thoroughly vaccum clean the place then the bed bugs will not be fully eradicated but there will be some relief. For this reason, quilts, glasses, sofas and their mattresses, on all four corners and under the bed should be carefully vaccumed. Change the vacuum bag after each usage and place the used bag in plastic and seal them before throwing away.
  • Rooms which have been attacked by Bed Bug need to be well cleaned and the trash needs to be demolished. Many things that people keep but do not use or would ever need to use, and tend to hoard such things for years. Objects that are left uncleaned for such a long time is perfect for festering and causing bed bugs to appear. Giving these old things away to charity is not wise and is borderline criminal behaviour.