Recently, a unique disinfectant named 3V Safe Tunnel or Disinfectant Tunnel. The disinfectant was prepared in order to sanitize people within 5-6 seconds from any possible bacteria. It has been designed to provide maximum protection to people passing through the tunnel in around 5-6 seconds. 3V Safe Tunnel has been designed to reduce the local transmission of Covid-19 in the state.
It will have a 100 liter tank, 2 powerful fans, plywood on top and aluminum flooring below. There are 5 spray nozzles for spraying which will be ignited by a motor of 1/2 horsepower.
In this machine we use Oxivir- Five 16 concentrate, Echo Zan BK, Virosil Pharma and Virex II 256 Chemicals or other to your prefer.

Instrument disinfection : Use 0.1% solution (10ml in 1 liter)